Recovering Lost Data  

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Recovering Lost Data  
Unfortunately, there isn’t exactly a nice way of putting this, but if you’re not routinely backing up your devices, and are in the process of searching for options at recovering your lost data, I’m afraid there isn’t a whole lot of good news. Most options available to you will more than likely involve some third-party software; and though we know this isn’t exactly great news we want you to keep in mind that if you already mistakenly deleted all your information, upgraded to the new iOS only, and also did the factory reset then this may even be the way to go for you.  
While they will mostly all come at some kind of cost, most allow you to preview the data that you’ve set to recover before even making payment such as EaseUs. And while that seems great the app is even a bit more effective and will organize your data by categories with the hope of providing even more convivence 
However, if your trying to avoid having to use such an app all together, then you can even prevent having to struggle to recover your lost data by backing up your data. This will also provide you the benefit of restoring your data to another device so that way there’s a backup for the safety of your data even if something tragic were to happen to your phone.  
There are two main ways of backing up your data, these two ways will help you recover anything you may lose later on. Apple offers this helpful guide that ley you choose which options is best for you and will explain in detail the steps needed to obtaining this ( 

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