How To Install A Screen Protector

Steps to Install a Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Installing a tempered glass screen protector requires precision and patience. Follow the directions below to successfully install a smartphone screen protector. For best results, avoid dust, hair, and touching the protector during the installation process for best results. If you need any assistance with this process we will be more than happy to place this on for you.

  1. Clean your smartphone screen with rubbing alcohol or eyeglass cleaner.
  2. Dry the screen with a microfiber cloth.
  3. Remove the screen protector from its packaging.
  4. Ensure there are no dust particles on the screen.
  5. Holding the tempered glass on the sides to avoid fingerprints, peel the adhesive backing from the screen protector.
  6. Carefully align the protector with the phone, ensuring that all camera and microphone openings are aligned and that the margins on each side of the protector are equal.
  7. Place the glass on device and lightly apply pressure on the glass to ensure the adhesive is sticking.
  8. If you notice air bubbles, use the tool included in your kit or a credit card to push the air bubbles towards the edges of the screen protector.

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