Samsung & Android Repair

Samsung Repair and Android Repair

Samsung & Android Repair

Not all smart phones are created equal, nor are the ways to go about the repairs. While different models of IPhones are extremely similar in design and parts the same cannot be said about Samsung and Android phones, the checklist alone for a Samsung or android repair varies greatly depending on brand and model. Recently there has been a new development in device testing for phone repair shops, the CTIA 2016 testing app. This new device allows for more accuracy in diagnosing phone issues. Due to the immense variety in Samsung and Android phones this new innovation conforms to the specific make and model of phone to accurately diagnose issues from checking the device is not reported lost or stolen, the battery functionality, all the way up to call function and even hardware issues. All the repair features this testing app offers helps to simplifies and cut out the guessing work, especially for Samsung and Android repairs. The testing process is simple too: hook the device to a USB cable that connects to phone check software on the computer via a driver box. Once hooked up the app begins the test where it checks each function specific to that device (i.e. Samsung, Android, or Iphone) and stores the results on the PC that you can print later onto a label for inventory purposes.

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