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iPhone 7

There are multiple reasons to need a battery replaced, such as, improper charging habits, physical damage, inflation, or the battery has just run its course and dies. Although your iPhone 7 is new, most of these options have the potential to kill your battery and have you looking for a replacement. Apple hold a one year warranty for you iPhone 7s battery, but you often won’t have issues in that time, that’s why we have repair shops to help you out. While the instillation of a new battery in your iPhone 7 is fairly simple it is not something you should do on your own; it’s not as simple as just removing the back and popping in a new one, you could seriously damage your iPhone 7 if you have not been properly trained to do so. Whether your batter in your iPhone 7 is the original it came with or has been replaced, there are simple ways to prevent damage and extend the life of the battery. Making sure not to over charge, i.e. leaving it on the charger overnight, using your iPhone 7 while it is on the charger, closing out those excess tabs such as Facebook, snapchat, and Instagram all at once will help eliminate inflation.

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Maria - May 17, 2017 Reply

I got my iPhone 6 screen fixed because it was completely cracked, and I went to the store in Fort Worth and I loved the service! Super friendly and my phone looks like new! Really good quality of work.

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