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Recovering Lost Data  

Recovering Lost Data  
Unfortunately, there isn’t exactly a nice way of putting this, but if you’re not routinely backing up your devices, and are in the process of searching for options at recovering your lost data, I’m afraid there isn’t a whole lot of good news. Most options available to you will more than likely involve some third-party software; and though we know this isn’t exactly great news we want you to keep in mind that if you already mistakenly deleted all your information, upgraded to the new iOS only, and also did the factory reset then this may even be the way to go for you.  
While they will mostly all come at some kind of cost, most allow you to preview the data that you’ve set to recover before even making payment such as EaseUs. And while that seems great the app is even a bit more effective and will organize your data by categories with the hope of providing even more convivence 
However, if your trying to avoid having to use such an app all together, then you can even prevent having to struggle to recover your lost data by backing up your data. This will also provide you the benefit of restoring your data to another device so that way there’s a backup for the safety of your data even if something tragic were to happen to your phone.  
There are two main ways of backing up your data, these two ways will help you recover anything you may lose later on. Apple offers this helpful guide that ley you choose which options is best for you and will explain in detail the steps needed to obtaining this (https://support.apple.com/en-in/HT203977) 

How To Install A Screen Protector

Steps to Install a Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Installing a tempered glass screen protector requires precision and patience. Follow the directions below to successfully install a smartphone screen protector. For best results, avoid dust, hair, and touching the protector during the installation process for best results. If you need any assistance with this process we will be more than happy to place this on for you.

  1. Clean your smartphone screen with rubbing alcohol or eyeglass cleaner.
  2. Dry the screen with a microfiber cloth.
  3. Remove the screen protector from its packaging.
  4. Ensure there are no dust particles on the screen.
  5. Holding the tempered glass on the sides to avoid fingerprints, peel the adhesive backing from the screen protector.
  6. Carefully align the protector with the phone, ensuring that all camera and microphone openings are aligned and that the margins on each side of the protector are equal.
  7. Place the glass on device and lightly apply pressure on the glass to ensure the adhesive is sticking.
  8. If you notice air bubbles, use the tool included in your kit or a credit card to push the air bubbles towards the edges of the screen protector.

If the tempered glass installation process sounds too complicated, don’t worry! Smartphone Repairz is your one-stop shop for all of your phone protection needs. Our stores carry a wide variety of phone accessories including tempered glass screen protectors and plastic screen protectors.

Which Screen Protector Is Right For You

If you’ve been to a phone carrier, big box electronics store, or even a cell phone repair store, chances are you’ve heard the term “screen protector.” But how do you know what type of screen protector is best for your phone? What is the difference between a tempered glass screen protector and a plastic screen protector? What is a liquid glass protector? Continue reading for answers to all these questions and more.

Smartphone Screen Protectors: Plastic vs. Tempered Glass

Smartphone screen protectors come in two forms: plastic and tempered glass. While there are pros and cons to each, Smartphone Repairz recommends installing a tempered glass screen protector because they:

  • Are more durable than plastic. The average glass screen protector has a thickness between 0.3 mm and 0.5 mm, whereas the average plastic screen protector has a thickness of 0.1 mm.
  • Have the same feel as a smartphone screen.
  • Are more scratch resistant than a plastic screen protector.

If you’re not completely sold on plastic or tempered glass, a liquid screen protector could be right for you.  The purpose of liquid glass, which is made primarily of silicon dioxide, is to fill the pores and create a stronger glass surface.

All options of screen protectors will come with a full warranty option.

Is it Necessary to Have a Smartphone Screen Protector?


Tempered glass screen protectors should be your phone’s first line of defense against cracks and scratches. Although the screen protector may be a minor upfront expense, it is much less expensive than a screen replacement.

Which Smartphone Screen Protectors Are Best?

When it comes to phone protection, not all screen protectors are made equal. It’s typically worth it spend a little extra upfront for long-term protection. The screen protector that comes most highly recommended by us is Titanium Armor Liquid Glass.

Titanium Armor technology provides impeccable scratch and drop protection. Plus, each titanium armor liquid glass screen protector comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

As an registered seller, you can rely on Smartphone Repairz for same-day screen repairs, Titanium armor warranty replacements, and screen protection sales.


Samsung Repair


There are so many different models of Samsung phones on the market, past and present, and over the years the repair process has evolved. As of the past few years most Samsung phones now have glass backs, this can make repairs more time consuming and potentially costlier. Most repairs on Samsung’s not require removing the back glass, which could cause paint to peel or even cracks, the latter is more likely to occur if there are already cracks taking place.  Also, depending on the Samsung model would depend on whether or not the screen could be separated if just the glass is broken versus the digitizer or LCD; for example, on the Samsung edges are very unlikely to be separated for a screen repair which, unfortunately, leads to being more expensive in the end.

1 iPhone 7 Repair

iPhone 7

There are multiple reasons to need a battery replaced, such as, improper charging habits, physical damage, inflation, or the battery has just run its course and dies. Although your iPhone 7 is new, most of these options have the potential to kill your battery and have you looking for a replacement. Apple hold a one year warranty for you iPhone 7s battery, but you often won’t have issues in that time, that’s why we have repair shops to help you out. While the instillation of a new battery in your iPhone 7 is fairly simple it is not something you should do on your own; it’s not as simple as just removing the back and popping in a new one, you could seriously damage your iPhone 7 if you have not been properly trained to do so. Whether your batter in your iPhone 7 is the original it came with or has been replaced, there are simple ways to prevent damage and extend the life of the battery. Making sure not to over charge, i.e. leaving it on the charger overnight, using your iPhone 7 while it is on the charger, closing out those excess tabs such as Facebook, snapchat, and Instagram all at once will help eliminate inflation.

2 Iphone Repair. Get The Job Done Right

iphone repair

iPhone repair

Over the past several years we have seen an increase in pricing for repairs on IPhone devices, specifically when repairing LCDs. Iphone parts are beginning to see a rise in price due to many factors including availability, margins and various options consumers now have if damage to the LCD on their IPhone does occur. While IPhone LCDs are in higher supply in China, this is not always the case in the US. Up until the Iphone 5/5s/5c there has not been such a dramatic increase or decrease in the availability, need and pricing; this in part could be due to factors, such as, the IPhone 4/4s did so well in the market. The Iphone 4/4s had the longest running market time before being discontinued on September 10, 2013 (1,175 days in production) and with carriers in 2014, as well as, the models having been released almost a full year difference versus the Iphone 5/5s/5c and i6/6s. Consumers now also have a wide variety of ways to handle a broken Iphone. There is AppleCare which cuts the price in half and covers broken LCDs with a low deductible along with two claims a year and swaps out your broken Iphone with a refurbished one. When you switch carriers it is likely you can get an older model IPhone for free. The best thing for you to do if you want to keep your phone, and it is currently damaged, is to check the price of repair. Our Iphone repair services include price matching and mobile services. Make sure the work you get done is verified and covered by warranty. The last thing you will want to happen to you is to pay for a repair and have an accident happen in the same week. Contact Smartphone Repairs today for you iPhone repair needs.

Screen Replacement


When the screen on your smart phone shatters it can feel like the end of the world and can be an expensive fix, but having a skilled professional is a better choice than attempting to fix it yourself. There are many reasons to have a professional do the work of your screen replacement, firstly because they have the knowledge and know how to complete the job properly. A screen replacement can look like an easy job, but without the variety of proper tools you could damage your screen more, possibly even short out the phone completely leaving it utterly useless. There are plenty of videos online that show how to do screen replacements, but these videos do not show or verify the person conducting the screen replacement. It may be more expensive and take some time to have a professional handle the screen replacement, but the time and money will be worth it if you won’t have to buy an entirely new phone due to a minor mishap while trying to self-repair.

Screen Replacement

Samsung & Android Repair

Samsung Repair and Android Repair

Samsung & Android Repair

Not all smart phones are created equal, nor are the ways to go about the repairs. While different models of IPhones are extremely similar in design and parts the same cannot be said about Samsung and Android phones, the checklist alone for a Samsung or android repair varies greatly depending on brand and model. Recently there has been a new development in device testing for phone repair shops, the CTIA 2016 testing app. This new device allows for more accuracy in diagnosing phone issues. Due to the immense variety in Samsung and Android phones this new innovation conforms to the specific make and model of phone to accurately diagnose issues from checking the device is not reported lost or stolen, the battery functionality, all the way up to call function and even hardware issues. All the repair features this testing app offers helps to simplifies and cut out the guessing work, especially for Samsung and Android repairs. The testing process is simple too: hook the device to a USB cable that connects to phone check software on the computer via a driver box. Once hooked up the app begins the test where it checks each function specific to that device (i.e. Samsung, Android, or Iphone) and stores the results on the PC that you can print later onto a label for inventory purposes.